Dade, a picnic and plants!!

We have been very busy having fun the last few days!!! So much to share and so little time! So I will make this brief and post again soon!

Our daycare provider, Debbie, has a son, Dade, who is a little person. He recently had to have surgery on both his legs. They were becoming very bowed so the doctors broke them and reset them straight. So Dade, a 6th grader, has been in double casts. He has been such a great sport about it all! Dade (and the entire family!) is a huge KU fan (notice the red and blue casts!). So Jeff worked out a surprise meeting for Dade just to let him know that we think he is one amazing young man! Dade thought Jeff was taking him out for dinner. Little did he know that he was also meeting 6 members of the KU basketball team! It was a huge surprise and they all had a blast!!!

Friday afternoon we went to Shawnee Mission Park for a picnic dinner! Kennedy was much more interested in playing than eating! While Jeff and I ate, Kennedy danced around with the table cloth singing "Skip to My Lou!" repeatedly! Then we played forever at the playground and went for a long hike! It was great fun!
Earlier in the week Kennedy and I went to pick out some flowers for the deck. She helped me choose the colors and types and helped me carry them around the store! When we got home she helped repot some - gosh this girl loves dirt!!!! And of course the best part of all was watering them! She got to use her brand new Princess watering can that she got for her birthday from Grandma Shelly! We had such fun watering the plants that we then had to water the bushes, the grass, the sidewalk, our feet....... :)
Tomorrow I will be teaching my first class at the Scrapbook Page! Wish me luck!!!


scrappy77 said...

WOw sounds like you had a fun weekend! How cool for Dade! I bet he was thrilled! It looks like you had nice weather too this weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Julie said...

Love the pics Danielle. Sounds as though lots of fun was had by all.

Charley Madden said...

Wow....brief? lol....love the pics and sounds like your fam had a great time!!! Soooo glad to hear that!!!

Norma Kennedy said...

Beautiful Pics !

and Best of Luck with the teaching gig !!!!!

Norma (localocairis)

MichelleLanning said...

Oh danielle - what wonderful pictures - so cool that Dade got to meet the KU team!! And miss Kanna looks so darn cute - I LOVE the BW ones -- tooo precious! And I must find one of those watering cans for ALyson!

kristy.lynn said...

what a great thing jeff did for dade! you can see just how much it meant to him, he's just beaming!

great pictures of miss kennedy, she's getting so big!

P.J said...

What a fun fun weekend!!
Kennedy is so cute watering the plants!!!
And what a SWEET thing of you and your husband to surprise that little boy...GREAT pics and Memory!!

Thanks for sharing...
Michelle {mshell}