Easter is Coming!!

Oh yes.....Easter is just 2 days away! And Kennedy has already had 3 Egg Hunts!!!!! (Spoiled you say?!)
Last weekend we went to one here in town. It was inside the mall and a total bust. It was supposed to be for 2yr olds and under. But parents were going nuts and knocking over little kids to get to the candy! Even older kids were running out there! I was so disgusted at people I just stood there with my mouth hanging open! You would have thought the eggs had keys to new cars in them instead of candy! Kennedy only got about 4-5 eggs. All the eggs were snatched up in less than a minute and a half. No joke. So needless to say, we won't go to that one again next year. What is wrong with people?!?!
(Below is Daddy trying to help Kennedy gather some before getting trampled) Yesterday XenoTech, Jeff's employer, held a kid's Easter Egg Hunt. Oh my goodness it was magical for Kennedy!!! The Easter Bunny himself was there!! And she was in love! She gave him nearly a dozen hugs, pulled his tail a bunch, hopped after him all throughout the building...she thought he was the best!!! She also enjoyed finding eggs tucked away in cubicles and offices! It was a joy! But that wasn't all! The CEO invited all the kids into his office to see his gynormous fish tank! Kennedy was entralled! THEN, he opened a drawer and pulled out wrapped presents for each child! WOW! Kennedy got 2 dinosaurs which she didn't put down for the rest of the day!
Here she is posing with the Bunny!

Oops - a little milk chocolate melting accident!!!

Last Sunday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt put on by the City of Leawood and a bank. It was rather chilly as you can see by her winter coat. But she still had a great time!!!!!!!!!

Checkin' out the goodies!

This is just a recent picture I adore of her that I wanted to share!!!

And I forgot to share this one last time! It was Kennedy's first dip in the hot tub! Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lindsay hopped in with her! She loved it!

And yesterday, after the XenoTech egg hunt, Kennedy, Grandma Lori and I had to make a stop at Starbucks! The whole way there Kennedy sang "We're going to Starbucks LaLaLa!" And she knew right where it was - she knows the Starbucks sign! How embarassing my almost 3 year old loves Starbucks! It just happens to be a treat when Grandma is around - I promise we don't normally go there! Kennedy always gets the Strawberries and Cream drink! DELICIOUS!

Just being silly here!!

And I had to get a shot of our 3 drinks and Kennedy's dinosaurs from Dr. Parkinson!!!We have had an enjoyable week. We hope you all have, too.

Easter Blessings to you all!!


Jessie said...

SO cute, it is really hard to belive that she will be 3 in a few weeks

Michelle Lanning said...

oh my goodness -- she is a riot - and ahem there is nothing wrong with a 3 year old recognizing the starbucks sign!! LOL!

Danielle said...

Looks like a FUN week for Kennedy!
She is adorable! I love that little shirt that she is wearing with the tree on it! :)

Jennifer said...

So fun for all the Easter egg hunts. So cute about Starbucks....Gloria Jeans is our weakness. LOL! Glad you had a funfilled week!

Lil' ol' me said...

She is a real sweetie. I know what you mean about people going mad etc its such a shame for the kids, it is for them after all.
I live in England and my friend went shopping to ASDA (YOUR WALMART)yesterday. We have been forcast snow here(?) and she said people were in a frenzie shopping buying anything and everything with no regard for others around them. She said people were pushing and shoving to get to the items before others. What are these folks thinking?

tarsi210 said...

Parents that act ruder than their children ever would (left to their own devices) ought to be drug out into the street and shot. I'm regularly appalled.

Such a cute daughter you have! A very happy kid. And that's an awesome thing for your hubby's business to do...wow. I've not heard of something quite that extensive before. Neat.

scrappy77 said...

Danielle I'm so glad you and Kennedy have had a great week! Love the picture of her melting accident, oops! :) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!