Halloween Crafts with Kennedy

For pretty much any and every hoilday, Kennedy and I create some sort of craft. This year, she was really into glitter!!!!
We were looking through some Martha Stewart projects and were inspired to create this glittery pumpkin face in a frame. We cute out the pieces from chipboard, modge podged them and the dumped tons of glitter on top!

But she couldn't stop there! We had a wooden cat that never was used from alst year. So Kenendy decided she wanted to glitter it up as well! By the end of the craft time, there was glitter everywhere!!!!! And there still is! Do you know how hard it is to get up crystal fine glitter from your floors??! ;)

I am so glad my daughter has a heart for crafting like I do! ;)

My next project came from the amazingly talented Linda Albrecht! You can check out her "Pumpkin Head" here!

I had fun making this project. In fact, Kennedy helped me some! She picked out the pumpkin head with me nd even painted the inside of the basket black for me! I am constantly inpsired by the fabulous Miss Linda - I am so glad I finally tried one of her projects. I have been in the altering mood for sure now! However, I need to work on my glue gun skills! I went a little wild and overdid some. ;)

Also, I have fun scrappy news to share! I have been asked to join the DT at The Sampler Kit Club! You can see the announcement HERE! Soon I will have some great projects to share from their inagural kit!


Laura - Layers of Color said...

Cute, cute cute! It's all so scrapalicious!

Congratulations on joining the DT!! Woohoo, what fun!

Anonymous said...

these look like fun!

congrats on the sampler kit DT! :)