Almost time to reveal!!!

Ahhh....one of my big scrap news items is about to be revealed! Likely tomorrow or Monday. FINALLY!!! I can share the work I have been doing lately! Soon......

So I went back to work this week. After MANY years traveling from building to building and/or being on a cart and sharing rooms, I FINALLY GET MY OWN CLASSROOM!!!!!!!! YAHOO!! It even has 2 windows!!!! I do share it one hour, but I don't care! I get a room!! So I took a photo of it the first day back. Looks like it needs lots of work! I have been working really hard on it! When it is all done I will post a photo again so you can all see the transformation!

We are having a quiet weekend. Nothing exciting. Jeff is loving that football has begun! So he is watching his beloved Chiefs while I do a little scrapbooking! The heat is still oppressive....yuck. Just thought I would share a little photo of Kennedy eating sweetcorn. She loves the stuff!!

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Julie said...

Spill it Danielle. The suspense is killing me.{LOL}