6 days in Iowa!

We are back!!!! Kennedy and I went up to Iowa for 6 days and we are back! She had an amazing time and we were SOOOOO busy!!! So here is a VERY quick recap of our week!!
*As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them!!!

Day 1:
  • Mommy and Paw-Paw get their haircut
  • Mommy, Paw-Paw and Kennedy hit the zoo
  • Big family dinner

Day 2:
  • Mommy, Grandma and Kennedy visit Living History Farms
  • Mommy's camera battery dies 20 m inutes into the visit ( &!*$%)
  • Convertible ride and a quick stop at GG and Great Paw-Paw's house

Day 3:
  • Mommy, GG, Great Paw-Paw and Kennedy visit the library
  • We all meet for lunch at Applebee's
  • Mommy gets 2 back to back migraines b/c she forgot her migraine meds
  • Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lindsay, Mommy and Kennedy (in the jogger) go for a run

Day 4:
  • Uncle Ryan, Mommy & Kennedy hit the mall play place due to rain & visit HyVee
  • Mommy and Uncle Ryan make a BIG meal
  • Kay and Deb arrive and we have a huge family dinner

Day 5:
  • Rich, Melanie, Joe and Ben arrive
  • We all go to the grand opening of the play place at mall #2 and play fun games
  • We all eat atKahunaVille
  • We visit the Clive carnival and the kiddos ride lots of rides
  • The big kids and Joe have a massive water fight
  • Everyone eats and eats and eats

Day 6:
  • We all pack up and leave

While there Kennedy had a little accident. While playing with the dog she fell and hit her head on the corner of a table. You can see her disgusting black eye below. Along with other fun shots!

It was a wonderful trip but we are so glad to be back home!!!!!


scrappy77 said...

Danielle is looks and sounds like you had a great time!!
Kennedy's eye looks like it hurt! Ouch!!

Charley Madden said...

Wow!!! Sounds like you had a fun and BUSY time!!!! So sorry for Kenna and her eye!!! oh btw....love the little comment about your camera batter...lol...that got a chuckle out of me!!!

MichelleLanning said...

oh - poor baby!! But it looks and sounds like you 2 had a blast!! Glad to have you back!

mrsdinlv said...

You guys were busy!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though... So sad about Kennedy's black eye!