End of School and Memorial Day Weekend

This is going to be a quick update! Kennedy and I are visiting family and enjoying the begininng of our summer! Above you can see her making "special cookies" with mommy! We had a blast!

For Memorial Day weekend we met some friends downtown. The KC Symphony played in front of Union Station and everyone sat on the hill to watch and listen. We brought blankies and food and chairs and had a wonderful night! After the music everyone turned their chairs around to look at the WWI Memorial as they had a fantastic fireworks display behind it! Kennedy was not too thrilled about the fireworks! She huddled in daddy's arms while he plugged her ears!

Kennedy got a new travel bed...DORA! And she loves it! We brought it up to Iowa to use at the Grandparent's houses!

I will try to update again soon! I will have lots of photos from our trip to Iowa!!!! :)


Julie said...

Sweet pics of your little girl danielle.

MichelleLanning said...

I love that song Danielle!

And miss Kenna looks so grown up with all of her hair pulled back!

And - yup - lets exchange some recipes! Too fun!

Charley Madden said...

You and your baking...Michelle too....I don't bake that much..lol...Great pics and sounds like a great Memorial Day weekend. Can't wait to see pics of your trip.

scrappy77 said...

Sounds like you had a great Memorial DAy weekend! And it sounds like you are enjoying your summer vacation! I can't wait for mine, only 8 days to go!

scrappy77 said...

Danielle I forgot to tell you thank you for always leaving me comments on my blog! I appreciate it!