More MLS Little Lady

I am back from CHA and cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it was!!!!!!!!!!! I will have many, many photos to post and the MLS blog will have some great videos of our CHA adventures! There were 9 of us from My Little Shoebox that shared a 3 story condo - we had THE BEST time! Suzy, Helen, Pattie, Erin Y, Erin P, Tanisha, Norma, Heather and I have some pretty good stories to share......;)

Anyway, here are some more creations using the new MLS line "Little Lady." I am in love with the new design of the chipboard alphas! And the way Helen designe- see the little ladies and mushrooms I cut out?!?!

Seriously - this line is totally adorable!!!! Check out the little tress I cut out with the little ladies and mushrooms! Oh - and there are MORE new colors of the mini alpha stickers!!! WOO HOO!!! And one last thing, at the bottom of this card you will see little white word stickers....those are Suzy's handwriting!!! I know - it is too cool!

So, I still have more creations to share and photos of our trip. But this is it for now!!! Keep checking back in!!!!


cheryln said...

so precious!

Betty said...

hello lady! so you must have made it to the airport??!! i am missing you already! so glad we got to meet, we had a blast eh??? so i just joined your blog, i am the clorful straws, so come and join mine too! i cant wait to see your pics! yahoo! i feel like i need to see the guys from the meat department again soon. rotfl!!!

ellie said...


Rebecca said...

Adorable layout and card--looks like you are having a great time with all the MLS! Can't wait to see everything in stores :)

ellen s. said...

tooo cute!

Lucy Edson said...

This is absolutely adorable, Danielle!! The little girls and your little girl are so precious!

So wonderful to meet you at CHA! I put a pic up of us on The Next Step! :)