Random Moments...

ETA*** I totally just realized I posted this on the wrong blog! It belongs on my personal blog, but I think I will leave it here too! ;)

Just recording a memory I don't want to forget!!!! :)

Sept 29, 2009

Kennedy and I are driving down the street listening to Brandon Heath's "Give Me You Eyes," It is a gorgeous day - completely clear, blue skies. Out of the blue, Kennedy points to the sky with a huge smile and says "Sammy's up there!"

"He is?!" I respond.


"Is that where Heaven is?" I ask.

"Yea. I'm pointing to the sky!" she laughs, just in case I can't see her finger pointing upward.

"What do you think he is doing?" I ask.

"I don't know. I think he is swimming!!" she happily chirps.

"Oh fun!" I add, with joy so great it almost bursts my heart.

**Giggles*** heard from back seat.


Heather Brown said...

That's really sweet Danielle!!! Miss you!!!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Aw, makes my heart flutter! Thank you for sharing that sweet moment, Danielle!

Andrea Amu said...

From the heart and mouth of an innocent child! How dear!