We Love Summer!

Oh how we love summer! Living in the city (ok the suburbs) gives us so many options! There is ALWAYS something fun to do. Jeff always claims I know about EVERY kid friendly activity in the KC area! I do work hard at searching out fun events for us to do! Not only does Kennedy have a blast, I love watching her have a blast!

Well, today we went to KidFest, hosted by Johnson County Parks and Rec. We went for the first time last year and she and I had a blast! I knew she would enjoy it even more this year. And she did! Antioch Park is a very fun and pretty park to begin with, so you add in the carnival type atmosphere and it is perfection!

She did the following supah fun things:

  • play on those inflatable air bouncies

  • do a cookie walk (won 2 cookies)

  • get a tattoo (she chose a giraffe)

  • get her face painted (a pink heart on one cheek and a pink K on the other)

  • get her hair painted (orange polka dots),

  • build a wooden land sail (with daddy's help)

  • pet and hold exotic birds

  • geocach - our first time!!!!

  • have a picnic

  • play at the rockin' playground (one of the coolest in KC)

And this photo below is from LAST YEAR at Kid Fest! Same shot a year apart!!!!

Last night we visited Chick-Fil-A. There were having a Princess Night!!!! The radio station KLove was sponsoring it. There were dancing and singing kiddos doing Disney showtunes, a Prom Queen handing out princess stickers, Prince Charming trying the glass slipper on all the little girls, and Cinderella who signed autographs and took photos with the gals. Oh it was tooo cute!! So Kennedy picked out which princess outfit she wanted to wear. She chose Snow White of course! And, yes, I matched the wrong skirt with it! I know, I know, Snow White has a GOLD skirt! Oops!! Kennedy didn't realize it! She also picked out her own shoes, wand and tiara! She had a great time!

And that is only the half of what we have done so far this weekend! We definitely love summer around here! Hope you all are enjoying your weekends and summer where you are!


Julie said...

Great pics Missy D just love them all. Can't wait to see a few of them scrapped.

erin said...

what fun p ics! esp the one of her last year and then the same pose this year. tfs!
have a great rest of your weekend.

kristy.lynn said...

danielle... looks like you guys had a blast! what fun! i love the little picture of kenna behind bars! too funny! it does sound like there is an awful lot to do around you! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

oh it looks lik she had a blast - love the picture with the prince -- and cute background!

Danielle said...

What fun pics! Love the new look of your blog!! :)

Jennifer said...

LOVE all the pics! Love the pic from last year and this year...looks how she's grown! Awesome stuff!